Guide to Crafting an E-Commerce Customer Service Strategy


Now that more people are spending longer hours at home, the convenience and ease of shopping online have become a life-saver and a go-to method for a significant majority. However, with so many players in a saturated industry, it has become more challenging for e-commerce players to stand out amongst their competitors.

So, how do you set your e-commerce business apart?

To give your e-commerce business an edge, you can start by improving your customer service strategy. People appreciate seamless buying experiences and quality products; by observing the best practices, your business can nurture your relationships with buyers.

Customers satisfied with your service are more likely to buy again and tell others about your brand! You might gain a loyal following before you know it.

Providing stellar customer service can be great for attracting and retaining customers. Aside from helping maintain your image, improving the customer’s experience also serves as a marketing and sales effort that can influence buying decisions, build brand loyalty, and increase conversions.

How your business communicates and assists your customers throughout the sales process can shape how they perceive your brand.

Some Statistics on Customer Service’s Impact

Since e-commerce websites have no business hours, your strategy for e-commerce customer service is your most important marketing and sales tool. Below are a few interesting stats to give you an idea of how effective customer service is.

  • About 90% of customers value the quality of customer service when choosing or remaining loyal to a brand. When your service does not meet their expectations, 58% of customers will not hesitate to stop doing business with your company. (Source: Microsoft)
  • A survey shows that more than 50% of customers cite websites that make it easy to contact people at the company as one of the attributes of businesses or websites they trusted the most. (Source: KPMG International)
  • Around 84% of customers consider customer service crucial when deciding whether to purchase from a company—outranking convenience and reputation. (Source: Zendesk)

Crafting an E-Commerce Customer Service Strategy

In a world where establishing businesses online is becoming commonplace, excellent customer service can help set your business apart from the rest.

Providing excellent service quality will help improve the overall customer experience, build consumer trust, and retain and expand your customer base.

The visual graph below illustrates how you can develop a successful e-commerce customer service strategy that aligns with your business’s goals and objectives. Let’s dive into it!