It Is What YOU Make It (Guest Blog by Detra Trueheart)


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On my way home from vacation this past week, I began thinking about how one event or circumstance can drastically alter and affect how we view ourselves or life in general.  It got me thinking about one of my signature keynotes entitled, ‘IT is what you make it’.  It talks about how there will be many things in life that will happen but our IT (whatever that may be at that time in your life) is what we make it.  It is our perspective that will drastically affect how we view what happens to us.   Your IT may be your job, your business, your marriage, your finances, your confidence level, or your health.  But whatever your IT is, it is what you make it.  YOU have the power to make your ‘IT’ what you desire it to be.

For the Easter holiday, my family and I vacationed in Cape Cod, MA.  We had a great time and returned home safely.  However, the trip could have been looked at as something less than spectacular if you had gotten a speeding ticket 3 hours into the drive, arrived drastically later than anticipated, cut your hand while washing one of the resort’s glasses resulting in a visit to the emergency to get four stitches in your hand and weather that wasn’t so great as well.  But I live by a mantra that says “IT is what you make it”.  I decided to make my IT, my vacation, what I wanted to be in spite of some of the shortcomings.

You should know that your IT can be whatever you want it to be at any time of your life in whatever situation you find yourself in.  My IT was my vacation and my firm decision not to let any of the aforementioned things damper my mood.  My expectations to have a good time and enjoy myself resulted in that very thing happening.

So let me ask you….. What is your IT?  Are you making your situation larger or smaller than it needs to be?  Are you expecting something great to happen or are you just letting it happen.  You see, what you think about your bring about.  What you expect, you get.  Making up your mind before your IT is affected puts you in the mindset to not let what happens to you impact or shake you.  Henry Ford said “Whether you think you can or can’t, you are right.” The understanding is that whatever you think is right.  You have the power to determine your own perception of your life and what may be happening currently in your life. Did you know that according to T. Harv Eker author of the “Secrets of the Millionaire Mindset, your mind is your biggest obstacle to success.  No matter what has happened to you in your past, whether you think you can get past it or not depends on if you think you can or can’t.

Well my challenge to you is to look within.  Look inside yourself, you have the power to create whatever you put your mind to.  Will it be easy, absolutely Not!  But, YOU can make a decision to be BETTER no BITTER because in the end, IT is what you make it!


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