The Bennis Blogger Battle: We Have a Winner!


Well it’s certainly been a great run for the first ever Bennis Blogger Battle! As most of you following these past several weeks know, we’ve been running a friendly (but quite competitive) blogger battle where your guest blog posts have been featured one week at a time with the goal of trying to earn the most hits, likes, ratings and comments as possible in 7 days. Thanks to the wonders of WordPress analytics (and my obsession in checking blog hits), I’ve broken down the scores of each blogger to determine who earns this prestigious title and $25 Star Bucks gift card of course. With all interactions added together, the Official Bennis Blogger Battle Champion is…..

MARK MATHIA – Visit him here.

But I’m not joking when I said this competition was fierce! Take a look at how all the stats played out (listed in order of blog publication):

Mark Mathia Blog post:“Leadership Finesse”

Blog hits:498 Blog Likes:12 Thumbs Up:20 Comments (not including author replies):8

Total Interactions: 538

Rory Alexander Blog post: “Why Success Is More Likely If You Do What You Love”

Blog hits: 441 Blog Likes:24 Thumbs Up:13 Comments (not including author replies):12

Total Interactions: 490

Todd Shirley Blog post: “Quarter Life Crisis As An Indicator of Differentiation”

Blog hits:501 Blog Likes:10 Thumbs Up:13 Comments (not including author replies):2

Total Interactions: 526

Sam Bessant Blog post: “Success Versus the Work-Life Balance”

Blog hits:484 Blog Likes:9 Thumbs Up:22 Comments (not including author replies):6

Total Interactions: 521

Anonymous Blog post: “One Cell, One Lesson”

Blog hits: 291 Blog Likes:8 Thumbs Up:6 Comments (not including author replies):3

Total Interactions: 308

Britany Wallace Blog Post: “Taking Control of First Impressions”

Blog hits: 429 Blog Likes: 8 Thumbs Up: 4 Comments (not including author replies): 2

Total Interactions: 443

Cheval John Blog post: “Your Brand is Your Identity

Blog hits: 276 Blog Likes: 8 Thumbs Up: 6 Comments (not including author replies): 2

Total Interactions: 292

Amy Gaines Blog post: “The Yes List

Blog hits:478  Blog Likes: 4  Thumbs Up: 3  Comments (not including author replies): 1

Total Interactions: 486

Detra Trueheart Blog Post: “It Is What YOU Make It”

Blog hits: 477 Blog Likes:8 Thumbs Up:13 Comments (not including author replies): 7

Total Interactions: 505

To everyone who competed in this blogger battle, I am truly grateful for the time and energy you put into creating such quality blog posts. I was proud to feature them on my blog and I hope they helped drive some traffic your way. For all of our fellow readers out there who were too timid to battle it out this round…there will be more! Until then, please take a moment to check out the competitors blogs and social media. They’re definitely a talented crew!

Looking to next week….

I’m back on my soap box again and boy have I missed the limelight! During these weeks off I’ve been working on a great line-up of blog posts to share with you. Stay tuned for posts from yours truly starting up again next Monday. Are you excited?!