Top 10 Marketing and Communications Blog Posts in 2019


wordpress-265132_640.jpgWe are down to the last two days of 2019! I hope you woke up today inspired to close out this year with the same strength and passion you had on January 1. Whether that means kicking a bad habit, taking better care of yourself, or going after a new job, every day is a fresh start – even with a new year right around the corner.

While I know our minds may still be dancing with sugarplums and eggnog, I hope I can offer you some motivation to start looking toward 2020 with a renewed focus and true excitement for what this next chapter may have in store for you. I’ve compiled some of my highest rated and most read blog topics from 2019 on marketing, communications, and much more that you – the readers – helped to show me were among your favorites.

While we may be ready to close the door on 2019, I want you to join me in taking one last look back at the topics that inspired thousands of you to possibly join me on an entrepreneurial journey over the last 12 months!

#10 Why Your Workflow Should Change with the Seasons

This a timely topic as we move into a new month, new year, and even colder temperatures. This blog also provides perspective as to why we need to listen to our own internal seasons – both when we need rest and when we need to ramp up. If you’re not ready to hit January at full speed, that’s OK! And here’s why.

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#9 Scariest Public Relations Mistakes to Avoid

I know we are nowhere near Halloween, but this fun post just had to make it to the list. Also, these “scary” public relations mistakes are by no means reserved for the month of October. I think we can agree these ghosts are lurking around corners all year long.

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#8 Five Tips for Effectively Launching a New Business or Brand

New year, new you, right? If you feel the same for your business, this is a must-read topic to kick start your branding efforts in 2020. Simply establishing a new business or designing a new logo is not enough. How are you communicating these changes and to whom? Find the answers to these questions and more in this blog.

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#7 Where Businesses Waste the Most Money on Marketing

Coming off the holidays, I think most of us can relate to the feeling of needing to trim down a bit. The same is often true of our business’s budget. Marketing is among the most important things you will spend money on this year, but only if you’re spending it in the right places. Find out where you trim off some of that fat in this blog post.

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#6 Blogging Fatigue? How to Generate Fresh Topics that Will Inspire You to Write

Pull yourself out of that winter writing slump with this blog post that provides simple and tangible tips for coming up with fresh topics for your blog, website, or anything else.

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#5 The Most Common Grammar Mistakes and Idioms Corrected

All my grammar fans out there really enjoyed this one – which is why it has found its place on this list! I feel that I am well-versed in grammar, but I still make mistakes daily. Achieving perfect grammar is a lifelong journey. While you are on that journey, it’s worth brushing up on some common mistakes and idioms I aim to correct in this blog.

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#4 My Time Management Secrets for Balancing 25+ Client Accounts at Once

This one made readers’ heads spin – hopefully in a good way! Now months later since I originally wrote this post, that client number has grown. But guess what? My workflow has remained fairly steady. What are my secrets to managing so many client tasks as a sole proprietor? Take a look!

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#3 If My Business was a Thanksgiving Table

Get ready for your stomach to rumble! For Thanksgiving this year I shared a post describing the various parts of my business as if they were Thanksgiving menu items. Some of my comparisons should surprise you, make you laugh, and possibly make you question my sanity. It’s a delectable read!

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#2 Thirty Seven Questions Every New Communications Grad Wants Answered

I am so inspired by students and new graduates who are navigating the challenge career path of marketing and communications. After a spring visit to my alma mater, Penn State University, I felt called to put together this blog post which compiles many of the hundreds of questions I helped answer for students over the course of a weekend. Even if you’re not new to this career field, I urge you take a look for some fresh inspiration. Feel free to add to this list, too!

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#1 PR Doesn’t Really Save Lives – Or Does It?

And finally, at the top of the list for marketing and communication blog posts in 2019 is this topic that dug deeper into my personal experiences and shared how my eyes were open to the power of PR. I was so inspired by how many people reached out to me to share their own similar experiences. I hope this causes you to pause and reflect on all you have accomplished in 2019 and how such accomplishments will have a ripple effect well into the future that you can never fully anticipate!

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Which of these top 10 blog posts on marketing and communications inspired you the most? What topics would you like to see me touch upon in 2020? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below!