Time Saving Hacks For Small Businesses


Small businesses have a huge challenge when they begin from someone’s sofa or a spare room at the back of the house. There are amazing people all over the world who start up businesses every year and make their dreams come true. However, running a successful business can be incredibly stressful. There are so many activities and jobs which need to be performed that it can take a lot of time to get into the flow of running a solo venture, and running it well. Here are some things you can think about doing this year to help make the process of running your day to day operations easier.

Use a phone answering service

Phone answering services are a huge benefit to anyone who is taking their first steps in the business world, and it can be a wonderful thing for people to have to make their days more productive. Receiving phone calls every day can disrupt the way you work and this can have an impact on the time it takes you to get your work done. However with Receivr call answering service, you can save time and let other people handle your phones for you!

Schedule social media posts

Marketing and social media is a huge part of running a business, and when you are starting up a small venture it is incredibly important to make a name for yourself online. Marketing can take up a lot of time during the working week and social media in particular is one which can take a huge chunk of time out of your day. Because of this, being able to schedule social media posts in advance is a lot easier and will save you time and worry during the week as you try to stay consistent with your online presence. There are apps, such as buffer, which can make this easier and make sure that you are able to stay on top of things.

Plan projects with handy apps

Apps are a godsend when it comes to managing a small business because when you have little money and not a huge amount of time, free software can make your working life much more efficient. You can think about looking on your App Store for as many free tools as you can for different processes in your empire. There are apps for project management, finance, marketing and much more. You can save so much time and energy on your work with amazing technology, which in turn will save your business.

Use free tools for finance

Quickbooks and tools similar to this can be essential for running a successful small business in its fledgling years, and you can really set the tone for your business, as well as grow and expand, with the help of tools such as these. Planning budgets for your personal life can be hard enough, let alone a business, so make sure to use tools to allow for easier management for all of the processes within your venture.

What other tools and tips have you used to grow your business and save time? Share your insights by leaving a comment below!