The Square Peg & The Round Hole: Working With Creatives Effectively


When you are nurturing specific business relationships, you will inevitably encounter creative-minded people. But sometimes, the creative and the methodical sometimes clash. When you are working with “creatives,” they can open you up to a multitude of possibilities, but at the same time, you still need to nurture these relationships within a productive business framework. This can cause a lot of challenges. So, what are the best ways for you to work with someone that embodies this mindset?

Don’t Stifle Them

Especially at the very outset, creative-minded people need freedom to think outside the box, to come up with new ideas, and to implement them the way they see fit. This can be very jarring, especially when you have other methodical people in the business. But, at the very beginning, when a deadline is far off into the future, letting them have creative freedom to generate ideas. Collaboration and creativity are two of the most important aspects of any company, and when you are trying to make your business congeal, and encourage a productive working mindset, creativity is part and parcel of this. So, if you have one creative member of staff, take inspiration from them!

Pair Them With Appropriate Coworkers

It’s a little bit of the “good cop-bad cop” approach, but if you are concerned that they are letting their flights of fancy get carried away, you can pair them up with coworkers that have a more astute eye for detail. Putting a creative within a more organized infrastructure can help them to thrive. This could be working with your digital marketing partner where they can contribute an idea a minute to ensure the marketing campaign is new and vibrant. Or maybe you place them with your business development team where they can pair their creative “yin” with the methodical “yang.”

Remind Them Of The Bigger Picture

Creatives, in general, can view themselves as individuals, or exempt from certain aspects. There’s enough research to show that narcissists are more creative, but you can’t let this overrun your business. Having constant reminders of the common goal, and the bigger picture is one way to keep people on track, but you also need to learn how to micromanage these people so they give you the results you need. With this approach, you make them feel like they are in control, but you are gently guiding them in the right direction.

When working with creatives, there can be a lot to take on board, not just in terms of the individual’s personality, but also how they work with others. At the end of the day, having a creative on board, especially when the rest of the team are more methodical or focused on details, means a more balanced team. When you are setting up any business structure, having the right amount of creative-minded people, as well as those who are methodical, ensures a thoroughly well-balanced business.