The Best Articles for Entrepreneurs from 2021


As we look to the start of a new year, we hold hopes and aspirations for what this next chapter will bring. But let’s not forget to pause and reflect on the wisdom and experience gained from this last year – and be sure to pack it with us on this next trip around the sun. Join me in revisiting some of the best wisdom shared in 2021 on the topic of entrepreneurship, work-life balance, small business ownership, and more.

#10 How to Be Your Own Best Executive Assistant

In this article, I pulled back to the certain to share how I’ve spent the last decade growing my business, while fully managing my administrative tasks with ease. Along the way many would ask, “Why don’t you hire someone to do that?” and my gut response was always “Just because I can, doesn’t mean I should.” Here are my secrets to becoming more efficient and organized than any executive assistant I could have hired.

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#9 Appealing to Culture: How to Effectively Reach Small and Diverse Markets

How can you break down the barriers of reaching small and diverse markets, especially of various cultures and backgrounds? Consider this advice.

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#8 The Professional Way to Deliver Hard News

The hard truth is that at some point in your professional career you will need to deliver news that is negative, critical, or disappointing to someone else. How can you make this essential task a little easier and less awkward? Here’s what I’ve learned over the years about delivering what many people call a “crap sandwich”…er I mean “feedback sandwich.”

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#7 Integrity: The Single Most Important Quality in Business & Life

In my humble opinion, there is one thing that is the most important quality someone can possess, no matter who they are or the role in which they serve. I welcome you to disagree, but read this article first!

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#6 Life’s Meaning vs. Purpose: Giving Away Your Gift

Have you ever struggled with the question of whether what you’re doing in life matters? Is how you’re spending your hours moving you forward or making a difference? This article is inspired by the famous Pablo Picasso quote. 

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#5 How Busy People Do It All

The saying goes “If you need something done, ask a busy person.” Explore why is this true for so many of us “busy people.” Why do we seem to be able to do it all and have time left over?

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#4 Managing Anxiety as an Entrepreneur and Business Owner

This article shares words of hope with fellow business owners, entrepreneurs, or whoever may need to hear this – anxiety does not need to paralyze your ambition to live boldly! Keep reading for more inspiration, it’s worth the 5 minutes!

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#3 How the Law of Diminishing Returns Applies to Entrepreneurial Success

This article challenges you to pay close attention to finding the point of diminishing returns in your own life, personally and professionally, so you can maximize your output while not needlessly wasting input. 

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#2 Unique Benefits of Choosing Solo Entrepreneurship

This article highlights the rare and valuable benefits of solopreneurship – and how growing a business independent of investors, partners, and employees allows many to achieve the lifestyle they’ve always desired.

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#1 6 Signs of a Toxic Professional Relationship

And finally, for the arguably most insightful and important article for entrepreneurs (and everyone!) in 2021, here are the six most common indicators that a professional relationship is toxic and headed for disaster. Plus how to carefully navigate your way back to safety and sanity. 

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What was your favorite topic from this list? Or was there one from the Comm Entrepreneur Blog you loved that didn’t make the cut? I’d love to hear from some of my readers in the comments below. Better yet, share a topic you hope I’ll cover in 2022!