Awesome Blogging Tips from Experts


For most people, starting a blog is the easy part. However, making your blog stand out from the rest is where the real challenge lies. The power and popularity of blogging are no longer up for debate. Nowadays, a staggering 91% of businesses are using content marketing.

In today’s modern world, many people are making a living through blogging. For instance, Michelle of Making Sense of Cents is a blogger who makes six figures monthly through affiliate blogging. Jon Morrow of SmartBlogger is another brilliant content marketer whose blog brings in a whopping $100k/month.

Getting Ahead of the Pack: Top Blogging Tips from Experts

While extremely rewarding, blogging can be quite challenging especially for those who are first starting out. If you throw fierce competition into the equation, things can get even more overwhelming.

The good news? You can always learn from the experts! Get your blogging off to an amazing start with the following awesome tips from blogging experts:

Top Blogging Tip #1: Look for Your Own Tone of Voice

If you want to set your blog apart, finding your own tone of voice should rank high on your list. If you are running a personal blog, this should be an easy thing to accomplish. But what if you are a business with multiple writers? How do you maintain a fluid tone of voice?

Experts recommend that you create a style guide that clearly defines the voice of your brand or business. So regardless of the number of people writing content for your blog, they can always follow the guide to a T to ensure the tone of voice is aligned and congruent to how you have defined it.

Pro Tip: Create a comprehensive style guide that clearly defines your brand’s tone of voice. This can serve as a guide for everyone writing for the blog.

Top Blogging Tip #2: Focus on Quality Over Quantity

When you’re first starting out, expect that you’ll spend a massive amount of time writing content for your blog and ensuring that content is superior from the rest. While this is a great goal to go for, it is crucial that you also understand how far you can stretch your resources and what is sustainable.

Experts believe it would be a lot better to produce one high-quality and highly beneficial article as opposed to creating five quick pieces just to keep the numbers up. Keep in mind that most people would prefer reading one quality post that provides massive value over content that provides no value at all.

Pro Tip: Don’t hesitate to spend time creating one quality and highly valuable article than creating five quick ones that provide no value at all.

Top Blogging Tip #3: Write About Subjects In Which You Specialize

If you’re starting a blog on digital marketing, it would be tempting to cover everything there is to know about it. However, is it the prudent thing to do? Experts believe that regardless of the niche, it is vital to focus on covering topics you specialize in so you can write authoritatively about it.

When you know a topic like the back of your hand, creating a quality post should come easy. Also, when readers come across a valuable blog, they’d take you more seriously and will look forward to other pieces you’ll write.

Pro Tip: Focus on covering subjects and topics you specialize in so you can showcase your authority and establish trust.

Top Blogging Tip #4: Your Blog is Not Your Overall Content Marketing Strategy

If you’re a business, creating a robust and powerful content strategy is important. However, many businesses make a big mistake when they think their blog is their overall content marketing strategy. While your blog is a key element of the overall content strategy, it should not house all your content.

In line with this, experts consider it vital that you also prioritize producing quality content for your service pages, product descriptions, and of course, the often neglected “About Us” page. Bear in mind that most people rarely do business with you without checking those pages out first.

Pro Tip: While a central part of your overall content strategy, your blog is not the only content you should focus on. It pays to also provide quality content for other pages on your site.

Top Blogging Tip #5: Write Insightful and Interesting Content

There are millions of blogs out there so you need to offer something distinct and of value if you want to snag a huge part of the pie. Whatever it is that you’re writing about, experts recommend that you should make it a go-to resource. In other words, create content that’s not only engaging and interesting but also helpful and insightful.

Pro Tip: Avoid writing boring pieces. Always ensure each of your content is interesting and engaging and offers value readers can’t find anywhere else.

Final Thoughts

Blogging can be both rewarding and lucrative. However, it can also be demanding and challenging. Fortunately, many experts have charted the path for you. All you need to do is remember and apply the blogging lessons they’ve shared and you’re well on your way to dominating the blogging world!