5 Important Benefits of Outsourcing Content Creation and Marketing (Guest Contribution from Keith Coppersmith)


The following post comes to us from Keith Coppersmith, an experienced business consultant who serves small businesses and startups. Learn more about Keith in his bio following this article.

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Modern businesses need to have an online presence in order to thrive and grow, and that means publishing amazing content regularly. Whether you like it or not, you need content creation and marketing strategy in order to build brand awareness and visibility, and boost everything from sales to marketing and PR, and beyond. Now, there are two ways you can go about this: you can create and disseminate content in-house, or you can outsource the whole thing to an external partner.

While there are pros and cons for both, it’s important to note that outsourcing content marketing is a viable and cost-effective option, among other benefits it brings. That’s why today we are taking a look at the five key benefits of outsourcing content creation and marketing for the growth and success of your brand.

Publish more content more frequently

There are many factors that influence the success of a brand in the online world, two of the key factors being content creation and dissemination. Firstly, you need to be able to create top-quality content (we will get to that in a moment) and secondly, you need to be able to publish content frequently and regularly. This not only builds brand awareness and authority but it also positively influences your standing in the SERPs.

Now, publishing quality content across a multitude of online channels is not only time consuming, but also costly and labor-intensive. You need to have the resources to keep feeding the content machine that will keep your brand relevant in the eyes of the online world as well as the search engines. While this would certainly drain your budget and human resources, a dedicated content marketing agency should have no problem keeping up with your company’s content creation needs. After all, that is their specialty.

Don’t worry about content quality

You should definitely worry about content quality. However, you wouldn’t have to constantly worry about article length, structure, references, and sources, citations, visuals, or the accuracy of the data in every piece if you had a professional content creation team at your side. While making sure every article you write ticks all of these boxes would consume a lot of internal resources, an external content marketing agency would already have all the resources necessary to create top-notch content every time.

Professional writers, researchers, SEO experts, industry leaders – all of these resources are at your disposal when you hire a content agency. What’s more, keep in mind that content agencies use specific tools and smart software to make the content they create even more valuable, all of which you would have to pay for yourself if you had to create your own digital content.

Know that your general and local SEO is on point

One of the most important elements of any content marketing strategy is, of course, SEO. Search engine optimization is a crucial process for any growth-oriented company in the online world, as it gives your brand visibility and authority, builds audience loyalty and trust, and puts you at the top of organic searches. However, it’s important that you rank high globally as well as locally, especially if you operate in highly competitive regions like Hong Kong.

If we take Hong Kong as an example, it’s easy to understand why local businesses need to work with content agencies specializing in SEO services for Hong Kong and the region in order to stand out from the competition and capture the attention of a vast online audience. If you want to elevate your brand from the competition and the noise, you need to create well-optimized content that speaks to the local and global audiences. This is something that content agencies specialize in and can therefore guarantee results.

Outsourcing content marketing is more cost-effective

It should be obvious by now that outsourcing content marketing to a reliable agency is more cost-effective than hiring a team of marketers and content creators. While your content creators and other marketing team members will cost you tens of thousands of dollars per year per employee, you could pay an agency a fraction of that cost per month for top-quality content.

Of course, some agencies are far more expensive than others, so you will need to do your research. It’s also important to choose industry-specific content marketing agencies if possible, in order to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Focus on mission-critical tasks and long-term goals

Last but not least, outsourcing your content marketing needs allows you to direct internal resources to other projects and mission-critical tasks. Now that someone else is taking care of your content marketing needs, you can focus on strategy and long-term business development, instead of having yet another important task on your to-do list. Freeing your mind of this burden is the best way to stay productive and direct all your attention to growing your brand on different fronts.

Wrapping up

There is no denying that having an in-house content marketing team has its benefits. That said, outsourcing the content marketing process can prove far more rewarding in the long term, so be sure to consider hiring an agency to help take your business forward in the digital world.

About the Author: Keith Coppersmith is an Adelaide based business consultant with a degree in Media Management. With experience in numerous small businesses and startups, he enjoys giving advice on all things marketing.