Even Bloggers Need a Holiday

Merry Christmas from the Bennis Inc team!
Merry Christmas from the Bennis Inc team!

The usual Monday Bennis Inc blog post will be put on hold for a week as we all take a much needed breath and relax. I hope you enjoyed a joyous Christmas spent with your family, friends and loved ones. Take advantage of this quiet week between Christmas and New Years to appreciate everything we’ve been waiting all month to enjoy–an extra helping (or two) of holiday treats, an afternoon nap, daylong marathons of your favorite TV show and some time spent disconnected from technology. I’ll be taking this same advice, but don’t you worry, I have a lot of great ideas in store for 2012 which I look forward to sharing with all of my loyal bloggers!

In other news, Pinot isn’t too upset Christmas is over…






But if I had to guess, Pinot isn't too upset Christmas is over.