The Dos And Don’ts of Giving Away Free Stuff In Your Business


Giving away free stuff to aid your business in things like marketing and events is a great tactic, but only if you do it right. Here, we’re going to give you some more information on giving away free stuff. You’ll find out why you should be doing it, as well as some dos and don’ts to help you on your way. Take a look and enjoy!

Why Should You Give Away Free Stuff In Your Business?

There are so many reasons you should give free stuff away. Free stuff creates a buzz around your business, making it great for startups or a new product launch – and that’s just for starters.

Free stuff encourages people to try your products/service/experience risk free, so they are more likely to come along and have a go of what you have to offer. It’s a great hook that gets customers in, and chances are, they’ll stay a while and spend more, too. Then there’s the positive brand association that you’ll notice when you give away free stuff. People won’t forget you in a hurry, especially if they enjoy the product/experience that they receive from you. Here are a few more reasons you should give away free stuff in your business:

However, if you’re going to enjoy all of the above benefits. You’re going to need to plan for the things you will give away. Asking yourself some relevant questions will help you to do this effectively. Have a look below for some ideas:

  • What are you hoping to achieve by giving away these free samples?
  • Who are the people you’re hoping to target with these products or samples?
  • How will you measure your success?

Strategically giving away your free samples is a must, as is having a way to track your success effectively. Otherwise, you’re unlikely to move any further towards your goals – or know if that has been the case. Now, let’s move on to some dos and don’ts:

Do Give Away Something Completely Unique

The thing you decide to give away should be something interesting and unusual. The more unique the item, the more memorable it will be, and the better association the consumer will have with your brand.

You really can get creative with the things you give away if you choose to think outside of the box. Don’t give away the same old cliche items that people have been giving out for years. Pens and mugs are OK, but they are tired, and you will benefit from coming up with something brand new. It’s even better if you can think of something unique that the consumer can still use on a daily basis, so that you stay in the forefront of their minds.

Don’t Forget To Include Relevant Branding And Contact Information

Don’t give away samples that don’t contain any relevant information relating to your brand. They should ideally have your logo somewhere on them, as well as your contact information so that your audience can get in touch with you if needs be. This is especially important if you’re giving away items at some kind of event, as people will usually go home with multiple items, and they won’t remember where they got your awesome sample or item from if you don’t put it somewhere on there! You might be missing out on big clients by failing to do this.

Do Give Out Long Lasting Freebies

Food samples are great; everybody loves cookies, cupcakes, and pizza don’t they? Sure, but don’t neglect to give away freebies that will stand the test of time, too. Even just having business cards, flyers, and other physical marketing materials nearby and encouraging people to take them can help. It’s not a smart idea to put your information on the food wrappings, as they will likely get thrown away soon after consumption. Remember this when ordering promotional items of your own.

Don’t Make Your Free Items Look Like Part Of The Display

Make sure you have arrange your freebies in a way that people can tell they are free to take them – they shouldn’t look like part of a display. Of course, it also helps to use verbal encouragement to get passers by to pick them up. You could even make a sign pointing to your free samples so that people can be sure. Some people don’t like to be hassled when they are trying to browse, so this is a great way to get them to try what you have on offer.

Do Make Your Free Stuff Easily Accessible

You can’t expect somebody to venture all the way into your booth for a free sample at an event. Chances are, they will just keep on walking. It’s a sneaky tactic and you’ll probably find that it doesn’t work. You don’t have to speak to every single person that picks up a sample, providing you have included relevant information so they know who you are and have your contact details. That’s the whole reason for promotional products, so don’t worry too much about trying to lure them in. If they want to talk, great! If not, don’t stress about it.


Think carefully about the freebies that will help your business to gain some exposure and create a buzz, whether you’re going to be giving them away at an event or you’re simply launching a new business venture and using the freebies to get people to sample what you have on offer. How can you be unique, give away long lasting products, and create a memorable experience that will make people want to come back for more?

Providing you also have a way of tracking your success, you should find that these ideas work well for you and you can further hone the technique for next time you decide to do it. Thanks for reading!