PR Nightmare: Handling A Data Breach Without Losing Trust


There have been numerous cases of big businesses suffering with data breaches over the last few years. Losing valuable customer data to criminals by the millions, this part of the corporate world is becoming more and more important, and customers are starting to get wise. When a company goes through something like this, it is almost impossible to escape with their reputation intact. People will find it hard to trust you, for a while or ever, and word will travel quickly, making it important to know how to handle this sort of issue if you’re ever going to face it.

Preparation: This all starts with the work you do to prepare yourself for a breach, with this side of the coin being essential to avoiding fallout if you ever lose data. Having servers which are designed to encrypt data, keeping machines updated, and putting policies in place to ensure that the right work is always done will show that you’ve worked hard to keep your customer’s data safe. IT consultant companies can be found all over the world, making it nice and easy to ensure that you have this work handled before you experience anything negative.

Declaring Your Breach: The very first job you will have to do when you experience a data breach is letting the relevant agencies in your area know what has happened. Detailed reports should be produced, and you should follow their instructions as best you can, working hard to show that you’ve put in the effort to protect the data in your business. While this may seem like hanging yourself out to dry, it’s usually a legal requirement, meaning that you have little choice when it comes to doing it.

Letting Customers Know: Along with letting the government know about your issues, it’s imperative to give the affected customers a clear understanding of what has happened. You should be able to let them know exactly what was taken, and the steps which they can take to protect themselves, giving the best possible impression. At this stage, having a good PR agency to work with can be incredibly helpful, as it will help you to know what to say to the people who have been impacted by your breach.

A Brighter Future: Once the dust has settled, it will be time to start thinking about the future of your customers’ data. To avoid damaging your reputation, first show that you’re making an effort to improve this area. Having a security audit performed will be very helpful, along with tying up the security issue which led to the breach in the first place. Once you have everything under control, you can start working towards helping your customers recover.

Far too many data breaches are occurring in the modern age. Customers are becoming very aware of the threat this can pose to them, making trust critical in the field of business. All of that said, if you handle the situation swiftly and appropriately, even a serious breach is something which you can make right.