Is It Possible to Overcome a Bad Business Location?


Is your business too far away from Main Street? Or is it in a cold and quiet neighborhood?

As you know, location can make or break any business. But fear not, because a bad location doesn’t necessarily mean doom and gloom. With enough creativity, there are plenty of ways that your business can still succeed.

Maximize on signage

If you have a storefront that’s not easy to spot, an eye-catching sign can help direct customers to your shop.

Many small business owners saw signs as the most important factor in helping their customers find their location. Exterior signs are visible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, therefore having a continuous effect.

Exterior signs can be mounted on the ground or on the building itself. Ground-mounted signs should be mounted near roads to attract the attention of passing cars. Building-mounted signs should be attached to the storefront, particularly near the entranceway.

Also, it’ll be hard for people to not notice your sign if it’s attractive and placed in the correct position. Did you know that almost eight in every 10 Americans walk inside a store they never visited before because of its sign?

Likewise, signage can be a more cost-effective form of marketing compared to advertising on the radio, TV, or newspapers.

Ensure your business stands out

Take a moment and look at your industry. How many businesses out there are already doing what you do?

This highlights the importance of standing out. You should focus on what makes your business distinct to separate yourself from the crowd. Keep in mind that a person will travel a great distance to experience something unique.

Go ahead and ask yourself these questions:

  • What makes your businesses best in this area?
  • What can your business offer that other businesses in your industry can’t?
  • Are you cheaper than the other product? If so, how does your product strike the balance between cheap price and quality?

Offer special services, hours of operation and special promotions. You have to give people something to talk about and remember.

Reach out to local publications

Publicity is one of the most effective ways to boost awareness about your business.

They might say ‘all press is good press’, but you have to ensure your business gets media attention for the right reasons only.

You have two ways to attract media attention, either organically or approaching a journalist directly.

Stories that contain novelty and appeal are a good way to attract the media’s attention. Also, your business can attract attention by doing volunteer work, donation drives, green initiatives, sweepstakes, and giveaways.

If these don’t work, you can reach out directly to journalists or the news organization instead. You can publish a compelling press release on your website, and then send a copy to a journalist. Ensure that it has an eye-catching headline and solid content.

Always remember that if you want to bring media attention to your business, you’ll need to tell an interesting story.

While you may think that a bad location could hinder your business’s presence and profitability, you can mitigate this disadvantage if you’re creative and resourceful enough. With these tactics in mind, now’s your chance to convert your bad business location into a buzzing hub.