Here’s How To Fly The Nest As An Entrepreneur


Once upon a time, entrepreneurs were independent at an early age. Often in their 20’s businessmen and women were out of the house and into an office building. From there, these driven owners employed staff members and thrashed out long-term contracts to grow the company.

Today, you can do all of the above from the comfort of your living room. Starting an organization has never been easier thanks to technology, but you can’t stay at home (at least your parent’s home) forever. At some point, it’s necessary to spread your wings and fly the nest for a work space your can call your own.

Below are the tips which won’t clip your feathers.

Stick To A Budget

Renting an out-of-the-house office is going to add a significant sum to the company’s expenses. Some buildings are as much as $1,500 a month depending on the location and size. Yes, they might be fully furnished and overlook great scenery, but if they aren’t within your budget, it’s a no-go. Renting a space which is affordable is essential, as it’s not easy (or cheap) to get out of a lease. Once the ink has dried on the contract, you have to pay the amount for the duration. Otherwise, you’re liable and will end up in court.

Share The Load

Don’t assume you need digs with a secretary in a flashy neighborhood. It’s nice to go it alone, yet it isn’t necessary when you can share. Yep: multiple companies in the same building. There will be challenges, such as sharing the amenities and everybody paying their fair share, but you do get to split the rent. Plus, the brand also gets the boost of saying they work out of a reputable building and can benefit from the share resources and brainpower. 

Hire A Lawyer

Whatever happens, don’t sign on the dotted line without asking for a second opinion. There might be laws pertaining to your business which you are unaware of because you’re not a legal expert. There can even be little details in the small print that aim to screw you over in the long-term. Landlords aren’t always good people trying to earn their way. Somebody with experience and talent in the area of commercial leases should be able to spot anomalies and offer assistance. Most will provide a plan of attack, which is why they are worth the extra money.

Adjust Your Routine

At home, there’s no need to roll out of bed until thirty minutes before clocking in. At the office, you’ll need to be up at least one hour in advance to get ready for the day. Trying to stick to your usual routine is a terrible idea because it will make you less productive. Considering the increase in overheads and the need to boost sales, it’s vital to work as efficiently as ever. You can always rent an office close by to stop it from affecting your lifestyle.

Are you ready for the pre-flight checks?