Don’t Let The Internet Slow Your Business Down


There are many things you take for granted in a business environment.

Warm coffee. A desk. A laptop.

And, of course, the Internet.

Indeed, nowadays, over 90% of all businesses have a website and use it to sell their products and services, making the digital sphere a natural expansion of their activities. Consequently, the introduction of digital technologies in the workplace has heavily contributed to a transformation of working habits and communication. Emails are not only an understood and appreciated approach to project works, but they have also become an automatism. Similarly, cloud computing solutions enable your employees to work from any location, making it position to recruit the best talent for your company regardless of where they are based. Last, but not least, your digital presence enables your business to reach out to a wide audience, beyond the local boundaries of your town or even state. Indeed, more and more companies have international customers who can order online. Unfortunately, the safe certainty of your business processes is at risk of collapsing when your Internet connection is affected by speed or geolocation.


You can’t access the data you need

When you need to handle a global audience, your marketing team needs to be able to reach out to the local influencers and research the relevant sites, including your competitors. However, you might struggle to access certain areas. Indeed, it’s not uncommon for websites to block some users from accessing their content. The most common case affects EU-based users who have been excluded from reaching some US websites as a result of the GDPR regulations. For your marketing team, this could lead to a loss in opportunities. However, you can avoid the issues by installing a free VPN solution. Indeed a virtual private network would hide your IP address, making it impossible for external sites to block you based on your location.

It’s down

What happens when your Internet connection lets your down? Your staff struggles to keep up with their day-to-day tasks, especially as it is virtually impossible to work without access to the Internet. From emails left unanswered and unsent to customers queries being unintentionally ignored, it’s fair to say that a day off the online world can dramatically affect your brand reputation. Consequently, as a company, you can’t afford to carry on without a backup solution. From understanding the obstacles that limit your broadband performance to troubleshooting your hardware, you also need to secure a plan B to get back online when your Internet connection is not the source of the problem.

Your website is too slow

Does your website experience high bounce rate at certain times of the day? Your first checking point should be Google Analytics. Indeed, timed bounce rate peaks can imply that your site struggle with high volumes of visitors, leading to slow load times and disrupted the online experience. The introduction of a virtual server to adjust accordingly to peak times can guarantee, for your visitor, a smooth experience. Nobody likes a slow website!

Modern businesses rely on the Internet as part of their processes, from daily research tasks to online purchases. Failure to maintain a safe and accessible connection can put the future of your company at risk.