3 Office Computer Issues You Can Easily Fix Yourself


Replacing all of the computers in our office is expensive and quite frankly, you want to avoid needing to do it for as long as possible. After about 5 years or so the computers will reach the end of their natural life and you’ll have to get rid of them anyway. But before that, it’s important that you maintain them properly so you don’t waste money on new ones every couple of years.

If we’re being honest, there are some problems that are way outside of your skill set and you’ll have to get them repaired by a professional. But a lot of the basic issues that you have with your computers are easily solved without the need to pay somebody to do it for you. These are some of the most common computer issues and how to fix them.

Slow Startup Time

This is a problem that most people end up with and it’s a real pain. It slows down the work day from the very start so you need to sort it out. There are a lot of different reasons why it might be happening; sometimes, if you’ve just updated your operating system, that can slow down the boot up time. A lot of people have had this problem recently after updating their Mac to the new Mojave operating system. The good news is, you can fix slow boot time after update to Mojave quite easily. Usually, it’s because there are too many programs on auto-run when the computer loads up. You can stop auto-run programs in system preferences and speed the computer up.

Slow startup time can also be caused by having too much junk on the computer. If it’s filled with loads of unused software and files that you don’t need anymore, it’ll take ages to load up. Always clear out anything that you’re not using and keep the computer tidy and you’ll find that your computers are a lot easier.

Loud Noises From The Computer

If your computer is making a loud whirring noise when it’s running, you’ve probably got a problem with the hardware. In most cases, it’s an issue with the fan that cools it. The good news is, they’re easily replaced. They’re not expensive to buy and you can open up the back of the computer with a screwdriver and replace them yourself. If it isn’t the fan, it might be other pieces of hardware like the graphics card that are failing. Those are more expensive to replace but still relatively easy to do on your own.


Most computers freeze from time to time and you can usually sort the problem by restarting it. But if the computer starts freezing all of the time, you’ve got bigger problems. It might be that you’ve got insufficient memory on the computer. You can fix that by clearing out any unused programs as we discussed before. If that doesn’t solve the issue, you might have a virus on the computer. Do a full scan of the computer and see if it turns anything up. That should get things working as normal again.

Computers are such an important part of any business so it’s important that you know how to handle them properly. Always make sure that you’re fixing these errors as soon as they come up so they don’t slow things down around the office.