3 Factors That Can Negatively Affect Your Productivity In Business


Have you ever suffered from a lack of productivity during a business day?

Many of us do, and that can be frustrating when we have deadlines to meet, and an endless number of tasks to complete. In some instances, we might only have ourselves to blame. We might let ourselves get distracted, for example, perhaps with social media or too many personal conversations with work colleagues. On the other hand, there may be other factors slowing us down, and we have listed a few in this article. To improve your productivity then, consider the following.

#1: A lack of exercise

You probably don’t need us to tell you about the health benefits of exercise, though it’s important to understand how exercise can benefit our productivity. By doing something to keep fit during the day, our exercise attempts will increase the blood flow to our brain and consequently, sharpen our awareness. Exercise also gives us more energy, helping us to feel more active and ready to work. A lack of exercise, therefore, delivers the opposite effects. We will feel sluggish and tired, and consequently struggle to think and work at a productive level. The takeaway for you then is this. Commit to a little exercise during the day. Go for a short walk before work and during break times. And consider these exercise methods when you’re confined to your office for long periods. Your productivity will improve as a result.

#2: A lack of training

There will be some business tasks that you are highly proficient in, and others less so. When it comes to your weaknesses, your productivity will slow down because you will struggle to complete the relevant tasks successfully. So, if you struggle with numbers, you might take longer with your accounts, for example. In this instance, you have three choices here if you want to improve your productivity. You could outsource to an accountant if you have the funds to let you do so. You could download an accountancy app to make your accounting easier. Or you could take a training course to build your skills and increase your efficiency. Consider the areas in your businesses that you are weakest in then, and outsource, use software, or train yourself up to improve your productivity.

#3: Problems with your IT

If your computer systems are outdated, your productivity might suffer from slow-loading programs and websites. And if your computers fail or your systems are compromised by viruses and hacking, you could lose access to valuable files, and that will put a dent in your working day as you try and find a solution to the problem. In both cases, you need to take action. The first is to update the technology in your business. If your computer systems are over ten years old, now is the time to upgrade. Your productivity will improve in line with the technology you are using. Secondly, you should protect your systems with firewalls and antivirus software, upload important files to the cloud, and perhaps use the services of an IT Security Solution to handle this area of your business for you. By taking each of these steps, you will better be able to get on with the job at hand without irritating or catastrophic issues with your IT slowing down your day.


If this article has related to you, take the appropriate steps to improve your productivity. And consider any other issues which may slow you down during the day. Research them, and then do what is needed to eliminate them. You will then meet those pressing deadlines, clear the workload on your desk, and get to go home at a decent time each day. So, don’t delay; your success in business depends on your increased productivity.