Bennis Inc. | How to Look After Your Customers More Efficiently
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How to Look After Your Customers More Efficiently

If you operate a company then you will know more than anyone how important it is for you to look after your customers. After all, if you don’t take the time to really give them what they need, then you can’t expect to run a fully successful business. If you want to really take the time to give your customers the best quality experience working with your company, consider these following tips.

Have a Can-Do Attitude

People don’t contact the customer service department because they want to chat or even because it is fun. They do it when they have an issue that they need some help with. It doesn’t matter what has happened or even how it happened, because they just need some support with the matter. When a customer comes to you with an issue, it is important that your team resolve it as soon as they possibly can. If you can’t resolve the matter quickly, then try and take the steps required to bring that problem closer a solution – and keep your customer informed! For example, if your customer needs a product and you don’t have it, find out if it is in stock at another location or suggest another similar product that might be a suitable replacement, rather than just saying that it is not available.

Keep Your Customers In the Loop

There is absolutely nothing worse than your customer left wondering if you received their message. They may think that you are ignoring them and they may also wonder if you are actually dealing with their request. No customer should feel this way at the end of the day, so make sure that you are always updating your customers and also make sure that they are up to date on the latest news regarding their situation. If you just don’t have the time to do this, consider looking into a third party so that they can provide the highest level of customer service. Every industry is unique in its approach to customer service and there are many solutions to serve each. For example, if you work in the healthcare industry then hub services pharma may be a fantastic solution.

Always Pay Attention to Customer Feedback

The internet and even social media has given your buyer much more power. Ninety-two percent of customers will buy something based on word of mouth, and as you probably know, social media is one of the most powerful word of mouth tools out there. Customer feedback can be a good thing, regardless of how negative it is. Try and make sure that you are gathering as much feedback as you can and then group it into different actions. When you have done this, you can then find out where your company is lacking. For example, if they don’t feel as though you are providing them with enough support regarding their product troubleshooting then this is an area that you need to work on. So many companies sweep things like this under the rug because they think that it is easier to ignore it, but if you do this, it will most certainly further upset your customer and their complaint will only grow stronger and more valid. A company that develops a habit of ignoring their customers will surely have major issues in the future. Pay attention and be responsive to your customers!

Is your business developing proactive habits to improve your customer service? What tips and tools do you have to share? Join in the conversation by leaving a comment below.


Stephanie Shirley