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Home Work

Home Work

My cat, Pinot, made a less than productive co-worker.

As Malay many of you may know by now, in addition to BennisInc I also spend my days working for the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Legislative Affairs. This requires me to commute a whole three blocks to the знаний! Capitol Complex where I work in a small cubicle without windows from 8:30am-5pm, Monday through Friday (try to contain your jealousy). While sitting in my hamster wheel, I often wonder how I would handle the coveted privilege of being able to work from home.

Well, the Work-From-Home Fairy must have heard my wish.

Due to 2 water lines breaking near the Capitol, I’ve been granted two days to try out the whole “Home Working” concept. I’ve gotten to work at my leisure, rotating between multiple clients’ work, Real Housewives of New Jersey reruns, cleaning, laundry and even a little Facebook. But I’ve gotten more done in 4 hours than I would have all day at the office. Maybe it’s the motivation to prove everyone wrong who says you can’t get work done from home or maybe it was the motivation for a nap and walk by along the river once I met certain work goals, but no matter what it was…it was AWESOME.

I could certainly get used to this schedule. I still wake up early, set unreasonably ambitious work goals for the day and to my surprise, get most of them accomplished, but during the small breaks that everyone needs I can throw in a load of laundry, go for a run or meet a friend cheap NFL jerseys for coffee. I’m not bound to a desk.

I’ve heard this Age similar sentiment repeated from nearly all my friends who own their own business–When you work for yourself, YOU get to choose the 70 hours a week you work. I agree. I wholesale jerseys went from 8am through wholesale jerseys 9pm each day working on a variety of projects. But I didn’t work those 13 hours straight. I got cheap nfl jerseys personal things done throughout that time and when I felt like Sutapa I needed a break, I could take it at my leisure. When I came back to it, I had a clear mind and produced better quality work as a result.

Working from home certainly takes dedication and self-control, but I can handle it. And if it provides me a life spent outside a hamster wheel, I can have my cedar chips packed in a matter of minutes.

Stephanie Shirley