Train Your Brain To Be A Better Leader – Here’s How


If you want to be a better leader, there are a few things you can do to work on your skills. In fact, training your brain is a very effective way to become a better leader, boss, and business owner. If you want to know how to do this, you’ll find out below: 

Look For Things To Be Grateful For

This might sound corny, but looking for more things to be grateful for everyday can make your brain look for things to be grateful for and happy about automatically. Many people are pessimists because that’s the way they’ve trained themselves to think. You can change this with consistency. It won’t mean being a Pollyanna that doesn’t think anything is ever going to go wrong, it will simply mean seeing more of the good stuff and noticing the good things in your life, rather than automatically finding the bad in everything. 

Get Comfortable Admitting Your Weaknesses 

If you’re going to be a good leader you can’t expect everybody else to take the flack for you. You need to get comfortable admitting your weaknesses and knowing when you are in the wrong. Putting the blame onto others is a very bad trait and one you should get out of as quickly as possible. As well as admitting your weaknesses, make sure you know when to recognize when somebody else has done a great job – and praise them for it! This all boils down to communication and being vulnerable. Thanking somebody authentically for doing a good job will take a similar amount of vulnerability as admitting you made a mistake. 

Spend Time Challenging Yourself 

Make sure you spend time challenging yourself, whether that’s doing new workout classes, doing skydives, or simply playing scrabble to strengthen your brain. You might think that looking up words with two letters won’t help you, but every action you take to strengthen your brain and challenge it will help. 

Develop A Growth Mindset 

A growth and abundance mindset is so much more powerful than a lack mindset. When you lack, you always think you’re going to run out, or that there won’t be enough for you, In a growth and abundance mindset, you know you’ll get what’s yours. This takes consistency, but it can change your outlook and results. 

Set Clear Goals 

If you haven’t set clear goals, now is the time to do so. Making your goals as clear as possible ensures everybody is on the same page and that you can accurately track your results. 

Practice Making Decisions 

Making decisions is usually one of the hardest parts of being a business owner. Practice everyday, whether you’re deciding which drink to buy from the shop or what to wear. It makes a difference! 

Read/Listen To At Least One Self Help Book A Month 

When you read or listen to one self help book a month, you’ll be 12 books more knowledgeable by the end of the year. It’ll make a big difference to your leadership ability!