Things to Outsource Once You Moved Into Your Office


Once you have decided that you had enough of being a freelancer or a one-man band, and you want your brand to be taken seriously, you will need an office. If you have been running your venture from home for a while, this might be a huge change. You will need to change your mindset and shift your paradigm, so you can focus on the things that will take your business further, instead of the small tasks that will take up most of your time. You have to find things you can outsource. Here is a list to help you make an informed decision.

IT Management

If you are just starting your first office, you might not have the budget to have a full time IT person on the team. This is fine, as there are plenty of skilled professionals who will help you set up your networks, choose the right  computers and software, and keep an eye on your systems to reduce the risk of malware and viruses. You have to accept that you can’t do it all alone; there are some people who are more skilled at this than you.


Once you have decided to scale up your business, you will need to have an inflow of new customers. However, you cannot spend all your time hunting them down. There are better ways of generating leads, including sales funnels and digital media campaigns. You can find a full service digital agency that will help you identify and build on your USP and automate your branding and social media at the same time.


If you spend days screening and interviewing people for the upcoming jobs, you are not going to use your time the best way. Your productivity will be affected, and you cannot focus on the big picture. Instead of dealing with hundreds of CVs and applications and tying yourself up in paperwork, why not get a recruitment specialist to screen the applicants and present you with a shortlist, so you can reduce the time you have to spend on filling the seats in your office.

Maintenance and Cleaning

If there is one lower level job that you should not deal with, it is property maintenance and cleaning. You don’t want to be the one ordering supplies or getting your office staff to clean the floor. You can find local office cleaning companies that will make sure that your business premises are both hygienic and presentable.  

Accounting and Administration

If you cannot take on a full time administrator or accountant yet, it might be time to get a virtual assistant to keep on top of your books, send out payment reminders, and deal with the filing and customer management. After all, you are trying to grow a business, and would rather work on a strategy than doing the jobs you don’t enjoy.

To successfully grow a business, you might want to hire help without having to commit to building a permanent team. Consider outsourcing the above tasks to accelerate your business.