Stop Allowing These Tasks To Drain Your Business’s Productivity


Productivity! It’s all about getting stuff done in a timely and efficient manner. Of course, it’s the optimum way of working in your business. This is because it uses the least resources, including time and people power.  Therefore it can help to save your business money and make sure it is as profitable as possible. That is why it’s crucial to identify and eliminate anything that is draining your business’s productivity. A task that the information below can help you with. 


Client payment and paying bills are essential when it comes to running a business, so you may believe that any effort in this area is well spent. This is not so, however. In fact, several issues could be causing a problem with productivity here. 

The first is if your account department doesn’t work on a batching system. That is they hold all invoices to be processed and pay them in one go. After all, stopping and starting over and over again can be a massive waste of time and person power. 

Likewise, manually chasing the payment of client invoices is often not a very productive use of resources either. Especially when you can get automated software that will now do this for you. 

In fact, there is another possible solution to this issue, and it’s not to chase unpaid invoices at all. Instead, you can sell them to a factoring company who will then take them off your hands. Something that means you get your money, and no longer have to spend your business’s resources collecting it. 


Another business task that may not be the most productive is the recruitment process, especially if your company has a significant turnover of workers. After all, this process includes identifying vacancies, writing a job description, advertising, shortlisting candidates, interviewing, and on-boarding them! 

Happily, you can use an agency specializing in the area of expertise you are looking for. In fact, you will find that there are plenty out there like this driving jobs agency. The benefit of which is that they will be familiar will all the qualifications, skills, and checks that need to be done for employees in their area of specialism. 

Something that puts them in an excellent position to find you the most well-suited workers without it taking up much of your HR departments time and effort. 


Finally, it may be that it is marketing that is draining your business’s productivity. This is because marketing is such a fast-moving part of running a business. Therefore it can take up a great deal of your staff’s time and attention to stay up to date with the latest trends. 

Once again, there is no need to panic here, because automating at least some of your marketing process can make a massive difference. In fact, by automating much of the repetitive work, you will free up your marketing team to focus on more critical tasks. This being something that can improve productivity and help your company’s journey to success.