Outdoor Space is Vital for Your Employees – Here’s How to Make it Awesome


Getting outdoors each day is really important for your employees. It gets them out into natural light, reinvigorates the brain, provides fresh air and, if nothing else, means that they can stretch their legs away from their desks for a few minutes.

Creating a suitable space might sound difficult, but actually it’s quite simple to achieve and even exceed expectations. If you have access to any type of shared outdoor space for your employees, no matter the size or setup, there is something you can do to make this a fun and creative space to hang out because what it boils down to is business is all about the details.

Create Floral Borders

Even if you don’t know the first thing about gardening, creating a floral border is quite simple. First, you should decide where the border will go and whether you want to raise it or not. The advantage of a raised border is that the walls are also ideal for extra seating.

All you really need to know is that flowers need good soil so adding a nitrogen-rich fertilizer is the best way to improve your soil . All you need to do is mix up the fertilizer with the right quantities of water and then be generous with your first batch. If you need to store some, just click here for a suitable tank.

Many of the flowers that are easiest to grow are also bright and gorgeous to look at. Try hosting a sunflower growing competition at work to get everyone more involved in creating a space that people love.

Design Suitable Seating Areas

To encourage your employees to take time outside, you should make sure that there is suitable seating. Picnic tables are an easy win as they allow for group seating and are, quit obviously, perfect for eating at lunch time.

Also, taking some meetings outside is a great plan as it will give you all a change of pace as well as a change of scenery. Offices often come with a lot of distractions but going outside can really focus the mind – even if it is cooler outside, and you all have to is an extra layer.

Another perfect reason to have a seating area outside is to give your employees somewhere to relax and destress. Just being able to pop outside for a few minutes every so often can help clear the mind.

Be More Sustainable

Having an outdoor area is a great way to make your space more environmentally friendly too. There is nothing quite like the bond formed when you harvest your first crop of naturally grown vegetables! Herbs are an easy win and are ideal for sprucing up an otherwise bland lunch.

Sustainability is a significant subject at the moment, and for most businesses it should be regarded as a part of your business strategy. Showing your clients and prospective employees that you have a concern for the environment might just help you strike a cord and earn some new business. If nothing else, it will certainly set you apart.

Keep in mind that although not every business has a perfect outdoor space, you don’t need to spend a lot to create an area that your employees will love.

Does your office space allow for a shared outdoor space for your employees? Share how you utilize this feature. If not, share why or why not you wish you had outdoor space near your office. Leave a comment below!