Increase Brand Awareness For Your Business


Trying to get your business’s voice heard in a sea of competition can be a difficult problem to overcome. Below are a few areas to think about to enable your business to get the ball rolling on how to increase brand awareness over the coming months. 

Keep It Consistent

This article is aimed at those who have developed a business brand already. Meaning your logos, taglines, color scheme, and so forth should have completed the testing and scrutiny phase before attempting to channel it to the public. Without a robust and consistent brand, you can label across your signs, leaflets, and optimized website any attempt to increase brand awareness shall fail.

Influencers Are Your Allies

The power of influencers, from celebrities, to professional figures within your sector, is phenomenal. With a specific target audience accrued by the influencer over a certain period already. You can select which influencers you believe are most appropriate for getting your brand message across and to whom. For example, if you are selling a new line of sofas, you could contact a celebrity to feature your product on their Instagram page. 

Grow Your Social Community

As touched upon above, utilizing social media is imperative for all businesses and a great tool to increase brand awareness. Whether through tweeting, initiating competitions online on Facebook with free-giveaways. Or submitting an image/piece of text to captivate or spark a feeling in your audience on Instagram. There is an abundance of ways you can inspire interest via social media to get your brand seen and heard.

Plan A Party

Although we are all very much invested in the digital age, that doesn’t mean that people don’t still enjoy interaction face to face. As a way of launching your brand, giving back to your customers for their loyalty or presenting a new product, etc. You could host an event of some kind to attract and engage new potential customers. Whether planning a Christmas party, dinner, and entertainment, or more, make sure your brand is thread throughout. You may want to hire a professional sign company and also organize banners and balloons to create an environment that resembles your business’s image. However, be strategic about who you invite. For instance, bloggers and social media influencers are likely to write about the party and document what happened afterward – which could further increase our company’s brand awareness.

Branded Gifts

Whether you are trying to spread the word of your new accounting firm to SME’s. Or you want to give potential consumers a piece of your product to try, branded gifts are a great way to do this. Initially think about what your target audience might like or need. For example, if your company is centered around B2B sales to recruitment agents, you may want to offer branded office supplies such as pens and mouse pads. Or perhaps stress balls, mugs and mini fans. Having these useful gifts in the office shall be a constant reminder that your business exists. And it shall enable people to become familiar with your company and see it in a positive light.

Whether you are just launching a startup or you want to connect with your target market in a different way to increase your brand reputation. Above are a few great ways you can achieve this. It is merely a choice of selecting a few avenues that are appropriate for your line of work and planning the process to make your marketing campaign happen.