How To Get Found By Your Ideal Clients Online


Often when new entrepreneurs start an online business, they’re quite shocked that after spending time and money on a new, optimized website that clients aren’t falling over themselves to work with them.

Unfortunately the concept of “build and they will come” doesn’t really work with an online business – you have to put in the effort to ensure that clients can find you. Just having a website isn’t enough, you actually need to market that website.

One situation you really don’t want to find yourself in as a business owner is having to chase clients and wondering where the next one is coming from. Unfortunately this is a pretty common theme among many entrepreneurs, but it can be avoided when you have the right strategy in place for helping your ideal clients find you instead.

In this post, we’re going to cover some of those strategies for you so you can decide which ones will work best for your business.

Social media:

Especially if you’re running an online business and want clients to be able to find you and see what you’re up to, then social media is absolutely essential, and as a free or low cost form of marketing, it’s crazy to not be utilizing the power of social media for your business. You certainly don’t have to be on every single platform, but using the ones where you enjoy being, that make sense for your business, and the ones where your ideal clients are hanging out is always a good way to go. Simply create content consistently that your ideal clients will find useful so that you can generate interest and curiosity from them about your business and your offers.


Content is still king, and having a blog is a great way to drive free, targeted traffic to your website from your ideal clients. The best way to get started is by thinking of topics that would provide value to your ideal clients and then putting together a calendar where you break these topics down into weekly or monthly schedule that you can post on your website as planned in your schedule.

Paid traffic:

Paid traffic is a great way to reach a new and wider audience than you would with free traffic strategies such as blogging or social media, and the great thing about paid traffic is you can tailor your campaign according to your budget, so you’re always in control of how much you spend. You can either search online to learn more about the different types of paid traffic you can use, or you can get PPC help at this site for information on this specific type of paid traffic generation.


Whether you host your own online events, such as webinars or masterclasses for your audience where you provide value and then let your ideal clients know more about working with you or your attend someone else’s event as a guest speaker, events are a great way to reach more people who may be interested in your offers but who had never heard of you before.