How to Create a Residual Income If You are Self Employed


If you are self employed, chances are that you will need to make the most out of your time and cash flow. Being in business has its challenges, and one of them is that you will have little or no control over when and how your bills will be paid. If you want more security in your business and want to avoid cash flow issues, you will need to try to create a residual income to keep you afloat. Below you will find a few tips on how to add more security to your business.

Network with Other Business Owners

Taking a step back from managing and running your business might be something we tend to do regularly. It is crucial that you make the most out of your opportunities. Just imagine that you could get all the leads to your business without having to do the legwork? Referral marketing and attraction marketing are the most powerful tools for creating engagement in your sales funnels, and they can increase your reach and conversion rates.

Create Subscription Packages

No matter if you are offering coaching or training, or you are a supplier of physical products, it is important that you build a business that is futureproof, so you don’t have to rely on generating new leads and turning them into customers. If you have a subscription package, you can increase engagement and loyalty, and – at the same time – maximize your customer value, too.

Add On Products and Services

If you want to make your business grow, you don’t necessarily need to increase your workload. Acquiring new customers takes time and money, so why not make the most out of the opportunities you currently have? There are various complimentary services you can add to your products or services. Just imagine that you sell a care package with every product purchase, or offer a maintenance plan. Maybe you will team up with another provider to provide more value and increase your profits.

Property Investment

If your business is seasonal and slow at times, you can always use investment to your advantage. You should make the most out of your money and be able to cover the cost of your business when things are going according to plan. Just imagine that one of your biggest clients is dealing with financial issues and you are waiting for your money for months. If you find a new property that will give you a good yield, you can survive the slow months.  

Becoming a Reseller

If you find an opportunity that will help you increase your income and give you a monthly revenue, you should jump on it. For example, you might be in the property renovation business and generate leads for removal companies or utility providers. You will be able to do the job while you are running your business. At the same time, if you are a website developer, you can become one of the resellers of hosting or marketing packages.

Currency Trading

Another great way of supplementing your income is trading currency. The good news is that you don’t really have to invest a lot of time in training; simply hand over your accounts to people who actually know what they are doing and can make you profits. You will, however, need to know that there is a risk attached to every investment, and you might lose money, unless you sign up for a guaranteed scheme. You will need to learn a thing or two about investment, so you can identify the best opportunities possible that are secure.

Getting Affiliates

In case you are getting overwhelmed by lead generation, and would rather focus on the big picture, you will need to make the most out of your time and allow others to generate traffic to your website and offers. While you will need to pay them a commission, you will be able to sit back and focus on your strategy to create value for your clients instead of chasing leads. Setting up your own affiliate program can pay off, and help you grow your business.

There are several reasons why small and medium sized businesses struggle with their cash flow. If you would like to bridge over slow periods, you will need to create a residual income. After all, the survival of your business rests on your shoulders. Grow your business, maximize your customer value, and improve your profits, using one of the above tips. You will see how much easier it will get to manage your finances.