Best Online Document Share Tools for Businesses (Guest Contribution from Gabriel Ted)


The following article comes to us from Gabriel Ted, a freelance writer based in London. With a degree in International Business and having contributed previously at PCWorld, Gabriel has a particular interest in Cloud Computing and Virtual Data Rooms. Please enjoy his article below.

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When it comes to sharing Business tools and managing businesses of any organization concerned with confidential data, Virtual Data rooms are the best option available. In this article, we are going to look at the best virtual data rooms that you can use to share business tools and data.

 1. Firmex

Firmex is a simulated control room used by companies for various applications, such as audit, conflict, and diligence. This is extremely secure, uses custom keys, customizable flashpoints, lock files, and the archive expires using the access protection and DRM. This offers a perfect medium for the communication, dissemination, and collaboration of critical materials. The program offers unique investor banking, science, finance, energy, and legal solutions.

2. Ansarada

Ansarada is an AI VDR option that specializes in the network for content information events. Apps such as the self-app, the involvement of AiQ bidder, and due diligence are also available. Your social assistant will answer your questions directly and anywhere.

3. Codelathe’s FileCloud

FileCloud from Codelathe will build Virtual Data Room (VDR) which allows the management and collaboration of documents as successful as you would like. The fast, secure and managed access to the online documents through FileCloud will prove a major driver for success through uploading, revising, copying, commenting and archiving features. Records relating to permits, licenses, leases, intellectual property, ideas, schedules, and financial records should be easily preserved in all types.

The setup of the VDR is easy, fast and convenient with FileCloud. If it has been created, you can start adding users, uploading a log, monitoring and auditing activities. Digital Data Room provided by FileCloud could become the interactive driver for your mega-projects. Due diligence is easier and more effective thanks to vital records with necessary access rights. FileCloud offers complete privacy and data protection, allowing you to handle vast and complicated projects with no paper issues. Data protection and access management ensure that user access to any database is not unauthorised.

4. Citrix Sharefile

Sharefile has been developed to encrypt, monitor and access sensitive data, to keep you safe and secure securely on confidential information. It is geared to the specifications of small businesses. With features such as rights protection, watermarking, file tracking and encryption, your data room is secure. Sharefile lets you handle access controls to multiple degrees because you have different sets of accounts. You can limit loading, cancel access or private or public access your files. You may also set access rules to select which users can save or print a hidden document locally.

5. Egnyte

Egnyte is a VDR primarily intended to collaborate with content, secure data and modernize networks. In addition to being a file-sharing tool, it facilitates smooth communication with the organization by allowing you to access the network from any computer you choose through other apps. It guarantees compliant data management throughout the program by monitoring usage patterns and access controls. This ensures that you are mindful of the organization’s private and confidential details.

6. Digify

Digify is designed to secure and monitor classified information, and provide you with electronic control and peace of mind over confidential documents. It is geared to small businesses ‘ requirements. With tools, such as rights management, watermarking, file tracking and encryption, your storage space is secure.

Digify lets you handle access permissions to varying degrees if you have multiple sets of accounts. You can restrict transfer, cancel entry or private or publicly build your files. You can also set access guidelines to help you determine which users should save a sensitive document or print it locally.

7. Box
This is’s interactive data space. This is a website for individual users focused on a basic file-sharing program. But a complex range of licenses and security controls is provided by the VDR program on Box network. This makes Box VDR more comfortable for exchanging confidential business documents and collaborating with geographically based team leaders around the world on projects. This VDR provider’s main features include complete logos and company color, quick download, expiration of service, and limits on demos, uploads, and prints as well as detailed monitoring choices.

While there are many benefits of virtual data rooms, they do not suit all industries. Many governments may, for example, prefer to continue using physical data rooms to share information extremely confidentially. The harm done by possible cyber threats and privacy infringements goes beyond the advantages that simulated privacy rooms bring. When malicious actors had access to sensitive documents, the consequences of those activities may be cataclysmic. The use of the VDR should not be taken into consideration in such cases.