7 Ways To Make Your Company Social Media More Engaging


Social media can be a great marketing tool – when used correctly. If you’re posting content on Facebook and Twitter, but no-one is reacting to it, it could be time to reconsider what you’re posting. Lots of posts and no engagement won’t look good for your company. Here are a few tricks for creating more engaging content.  

Don’t make all your content promotional

Many business owners think that social media is simply a place for advertising deals and new products. It’s more than that – it’s a way of connecting with new customers, which involves using entertaining posts and not just promotional content. In fact, studies show that the most engaging company social media pages are only 20% promotional with the rest of the content being non-promotional. This non-promotional content could be anything from industry news to tips to memes.

Keep up with current events

You can get more attention by tying in posts to current events. This includes annual events such as Halloween, Valentines Day and Christmas – but it could also include current events in the news, big sporting events and opinions on new trends. By using a hashtag for the event, you could alert people who are interested in these current events to your content – just make sure to make the content relevant to your business in some way otherwise it will feel spammy. Use sites such as Hashtagify.com to find out what the most popular talking points are on Twitter.

Post during peak times

Did you know that there are certain times of the day that are better for getting reactions? B2B clients are best posting content during work hours, especially around midday when company owners are likely to be on their lunch break scouting social media. B2C clients meanwhile are more likely to be using social media in the morning and evenings out of work hours. Start strategically timing your posts and see if it makes a difference.

Use images and videos

People are twice as likely to engage with a post if there’s an image or a video. These could be photos and videos you’ve taken yourself or videos and photos taken with the help of a professional company such as GaryBPhotography.com. You can also share other people’s pictures and videos. Sharing customers’ content is a great way to boost engagement! 

Have a sense of humor

Many people go on social media because it’s a source of fun. Let social media be an outlet for your sense of humor. Many modern companies are even using memes to help engage with audience members. As long as you keep the humor classy, people will be entertained and engaged.

Ask questions and create polls

Questions and polls directly engage users by encouraging responses. You can even host competitions on social media that offer the incentive of a reward. With the right strategy, a social media poll can help give your engagement a major boost.

Share other users’ content

You can’t expect people to interact with your social media pages if you’re not interacting with other social media users yourself. Sharing other people’s content can be a great way of building influence. You can even use it as a cross promotion strategy, encouraging a company to share your content if you share theirs.

How are you working to make your social media content more engaging? Share a tip or idea by commenting below!