Your Comprehensive Guide to Authentic Marketing


The world is entering a new age of technology and connectivity, both of which are changing the way the marketing industry works. Today, people are moving away from the time when they didn’t have a choice on which marketing content they see. Unlike the days of television, when you couldn’t fast-forward through ads, people prefer their marketing today to be optional or non-existent.

More people are seeing ads on social media and the internet than on television, and these channels allow people to winnow their content. Ad blocker software are some of the most popular methods for curating marketing, with over 27 percent of Americans using such programs.

So how can businesses today come up with effective marketing strategies? The answer is authentic marketing.

What is Authentic Marketing?

Authentic marketing refers to sharing content and advertisements that focus on the consumer’s wants and needs in a specific way. Instead of brands pushing their products aggressively and telling customers what they want, consumers today want brands to woo them. Authenticity in this regard is derived from the brand’s sincere care of the customer.

This means that your marketing strategy must involve studying not just the buying habits of your customers, but also what they care about. How do they like their advertising? When do they appreciate offers the most? Which types of features do they really wish to have on products? In short, authentic marketing is about truly addressing their demands instead of assuming them.

You may think that this is unnecessary but at least one study has shown that people want this new type of marketing. Research shows that businesses in fields like tourism and hospitality need authentic marketing more than ever. All manner of businesses would do well to take up authentic marketing, from a company buildingcobots to a humble landscaping business.

How do You Market Authentically?

If you’re just beginning to explore the possibilities of authentic marketing, you will need to begin somewhere. The following tips can help you begin an effective authentic marketing campaign that will allow you to reach out to customers and revitalize your business.

  • Engage with Customers

Customers nowadays prefer it when businesses engage with them on meaningful levels. This refers to not only addressing their concerns through messages or comment but also extends to publishing their content, talking about their concerns and similar efforts. Thanks to the advent of social media and advances in web design, reaching out and connecting with customers is easy. All you need to do is assign employees to regularly check on your social media platforms and curate their responses accordingly.

  • Adopt Causes

More and more consumers are passionate about social causes like protecting the environment and the like. They are also aware that the support of businesses has a huge impact on these causes. They tend to patronize companies that have more visible social outreach. Therefore, it would do your businesses good to pick a cause and genuinely contribute to them.

For example, if you are running a landscaping company, perhaps you can be an advocate for using local flora which can help preserve ecosystems and prevent invasive species. Genuine contributions to these causes will help draw new customers and build up your image.

  • Publish User Content

Users want to hear from other users and your platform is the ideal place for them to do so. User-generated content can take many forms, from customer reviews to their heartfelt testimonials. These types of content are very common today, but you can take things one step further.

For example, if you sell kitchen equipment, you can give your customers the opportunity to showcase their kitchens or even their cooking talents. The most engaging types of user content are videos, so be sure to consider that when you are brainstorming which types of user contributions you’re going to publish.

  • Understand Your Audience

Finally, you should always prioritize getting to know your customers. Because of how many types of media channels exist in the present day, you have to constantly update your information about customers. This is the only way you can actively target them with good content.

Are they listening to more podcasts or watching videos on YouTube? The answer may point you to where your ads can have more effect. A more intimate understanding of your customer’s behaviors will lead to effective and genuine marketing strategies.

Authentic marketing is the next step for many businesses, especially those that need to recover quickly from the effects of the pandemic. Only by presenting your customers with genuine efforts and authentic content can you ensure your business remains profitable.