Keeping Your Expensive Taste When On A Budget


Expensive taste is something we all have in one form or another; maybe you’re a big jewelry lover, maybe you only eat fine foods, or maybe you prefer to splash the cash on a night out?  It doesn’t matter, as expensive taste is something we all share, even if we live on a strict budget and like to save as much as possible!

Because of this very fact, it might be time to rework your sense of expense, and think about changing the way you approach spending and saving money. Because you can still have an expensive taste when you’ve got bills to pay and food cupboards to fill, as long as you go about it in the right way… 

Alter Your Clothes Yourself

Altering your own clothes seems like a tricky thing to do, but if you invest in a sewing machine and get to know how to use a needle and thread, it’ll be the best thing you’ve ever done for your budget! You’ll be able to take dresses in and out, darn socks for use another day, and add your own patches and embroidery to otherwise plain clothing. 

Seeing as they’ll be your own designs, you won’t find those t-shirts or shorts anywhere else on the market. Surely that’s a sign of high quality, pricey items? Well, we know the truth, and all because your budget was strict enough for it! And the more you alter your own clothes, and add the ‘novelty element’ (more on that below), you’ll make quite the statement. 

Pay for Quality

Quality is something we should always look for in our items, thanks to just how much longer they’ll last as a result. For example, clothes with a higher price tag than those you can get from the supermarket in a bulk pack are going to last longer, simply thanks to just how better made they are. 

And unless you want to be forking out for new underwear every month, this is a good way to save money and cater to your expensive taste! Similarly, proper Wood Caskets are going to be a better option than those made of cardboard, and even metal, so you can apply this same principle to all areas of life. 

Go for Novelty

The novelty element shows that you’ve put some thought into what you wear, and that you’ve thrown a bit of cash around to get such new and exciting patterns or pieces to wear – that’s exactly the impression you want to make! 

Because something that isn’t readily available in standard clothing retailers isn’t necessarily an expensive thing. You just have to put a bit of shopping legwork in, and go around some charity/vintage stores, and take a look at handmade craft stores online. 

An expensive taste isn’t something you have to let go of when you’re strapped for cash. If you shop right, pick up some skills, and go for personality, you’ll have a refined and rich look about you.