How Secure Is Your Office?


It doesn’t matter whether your business premises is in your house, in a ground floor office or in a thirty floor high-rise building, you need the appropriate security in place to keep your business interests locked up tight. If you find that you work in an industry in which you have large assets to protect or are prone to ill-intended visitors, security is all the more important. Offices are stuffed full of valuables, even down to the desks in the space that you use, and the last thing you want is anyone removing any of your equipment and valuables that get you through the working day.

One of the things that you need to consider is how secure your office is, not just your online data and internet security, but the physical premises of the space where you work. Your online security can be managed with managed IT services but really, you should be thinking about your office space as a whole. So, how can you make sure that you get to work every day and know your business interests are secure?

Employ Security Staff. You may already have a visitors’ desk to be in the way of your office before anyone goes through to the main work spaces, but that doesn’t mean you have enough security in one receptionist. Hiring in a security guard to be on the premises can give you that extra protection that you so desperately need.

Use Monitored Alarms. Alarms are a necessity for every single office space, both inside and out. Not only can outside alarms and signs act as a deterrent to ill-intended visitors, they can make you feel more secure when you’re inside the premises. When an alarm is tripped, it can link to your local police station and they can be out to see you as soon as they are notified. This can be everything you need to put off any crimes occurring on your premises.

Security Lighting Makes A Difference. Security lights that are triggered by movement are more of a deterrent than you think. Thieves work in the dark and the twilight hours, but if a bright floodlight is going to come on and interrupt their activity, you’re going to maximize your security. Use passive infrared lighting for an effective solution to your security issues.

Invest In Locked Storage. You need to make sure that you are secure with your documents and technology – especially company tablets and laptops. Invest in good storage solutions that can be locked up at all times when not in use, and make sure that these storage items are anchored somehow so that they can’t be taken. Locked storage can change the game if someone does get past the security guard, alarms and automatic security lights.

Install CCTV. Lastly, think about installing cameras on the exterior of your premises. Just knowing that they are there can stop a criminal from getting into your property, but if they do, you have a way to be able to catch them in the act for proof later on.

If you have a physical office space and work in an industry in which you have assets to protect or are prone to ill-intended visitors, you must ensure that your security processes are adequate, in-place and well monitored. Don’t wait!